Jeff Singman


Jeff established Tri Mil consulting in 2008, bringing his passion for media, software and technology together to provide advisory services to companies, from start-ups to multi-billion multi-national companies.

Jeff helps companies establish clear business goals that lead to focused marketing initiatives, product development and revenue generation activities for public and private companies. He is creative, while also focused on execution and go-to-market, and is expert at connecting people and ideas with resources, processes and ecosystems that accelerate success as change itself accelerates.

Jeff’s experiences cross IT, security, telecom and software, with depth in industries including media, entertainment, financial, and healthcare verticals.

Jeff provides international and domestic technology oriented client companies with business development, marketing, sales, product development and operational management services. Client engagements are executed through consultative services or senior position fulfillment, with notable clients including NSS LABS, CenturyTel, RNK Communications, Wave2Wave, Unisys, Virtua and Inspira Health, 3United, IP Trade, The, Mobile Data Systems and Kamera.

As a senior member of the management team and advisor to X-Factor Communications, Jeff helped establish the company as a software and services enterprise, providing multi-device digital media solutions to Government, Healthcare, Education, Financial and Advertising industries.

Jeff was COO, Bright Sky Holdings & GM, Media Commerce Systems, a technology incubator focused on advanced digital software solutions in the digital advertising market. In this role, Jeff managed all operational aspects of the company’s go to market activities, software and product development.  He introduced automation and transaction systems supporting advanced advertising initiatives including dynamic ad-insertion on video-on-demand. 

Jeff also served as General Manager, North America, for IP Trade, advanced IP enabled multimedia turret and telecom solutions for the financial markets. For Lucid Security, Jeff was SVP and COO, leading this provider of advanced Intrusion Prevention Systems to its sales to Trustwave Inc., an industry leader in the PCI market. Prior to this, Jeff was SVP, Moneyline Networks, heading up product management, resulting in the sale of the business to Reuters Inc.

Jeff was a pioneer in conferencing and IP video as VP & General Manager, Conferencing for Global Crossing,  managing a staff of 650 people, 5 global call centers and a multi-million dollar P&L. Customers included 68% of the Fortune 100 and 38% of the Fortune 1000 companies, with $172M in revenue.

Jeff started his career at NBC, the National Broadcasting company, where he grew up in the ranks from 1985 – 2000, ultimately leading digitization initiatives for this major national US network as Director, Engineering and Strategic Development.